Sofia Lounge is located at level 2 in Terminal 1 west side. After passport control, the signs will lead you to the entrance to the lounge that offers comfortable atmosphere suitable for spending an hour or two before your flight, surrounded by tranquility and greenery.

The spacious hall offers convenient seats, as well as desks for working on personal computers near the windows with a fabulous view towards the aircraft at the apron.

Guests to the lounge can use free Wi-Fi service, TV, newspapers and magazines, a printer if necessary. They can choose between free soft drinks, orange fresh and snacks. Selected alcoholic drinks are offered for a minimum price, such as red and white wine, beer.

Sofia lounge provides all necessary amenities: its own sanitary facility, lift and mobility ramp for people with reduced mobility.

For families travelling with young children the lounge offers a pleasant surprise – a play area full of toys for the little passengers who can enter free of charge.

Sofia lounge welcomes guests from 9:30 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. every day. The price for a single visit up to 3 hours is EUR 18 that can be paid at lounge entrance in cash (in BGN or EUR) or with a credit card:

We also accept the following club cards:


Terminal 1, Level 2

In accordance with flight schedule 
+359 2 937 2209



In an effort to give you more than you would expect, we initiated a programme for loyal customers, called New Generation Lounge Card (NGLC), which  is available in two versions:
- NGLC Silver: Its holder may benefit from the services of the guest lounges for 12 euro per visit. It includes 10 visits, valid within a year.
- NGLC Gold: It includes 15 visits, valid within a year, for 10 euro per visit.

To join the NGLC programme, you need to fill in the Request Form. Presenting an activated card in either of the lounges, its holder is entitled to invite his own guests flying to different destinations by using the spare visits in the card. The holder also has the right to give his NGLC membership card to a third person to use. NGLC Silver and NGLC Gold allow you the opportunity to invest in your comfort and that of your company.

we will be happy if you visit us en route

The General Conditions of using NGLC are available via the link below.


The Request Form for an NGLC card is available in our lounges and via the link below.

Request FORM

Lounge Preslav

Preslav Lounge is on level "0" and has around 50 seats. After passport control, via escalator or elevator (for passengers with reduced mobility), you can reach the lower level. The signs will guide you to the lounge. In complement to its spacious and comfortable environment, Preslav lounge features a well-equipped business centre with computer, photocopier, printer and fax installations.
For smokers, it offers a dedicated room with a contemporary ventilation system which meets all sanitary standards and requirements.
Preslav lounge has an integrated bathroom facility.

The price for a single visit invitation up to 3 hours is EUR 20 that can be paid at lounge entrance in cash (in BGN or EUR) or with a credit card.

Terminal 2, Level 0
Opening hours agreed with the flight timetable
+359 2 937 3553



Virtual Tour in Preslav 

Lounge Pliska

Pliska Lounge in on level "+1" and has around 40 seats. After passport control, the signage will guide you to the right, with just a few metres to walk before you reach the entrance of the lounge. In a quiet and relaxing environment you can read the latest newspapers and magazines or focus on business tasks. If you need a computer, there will be one for you at hand. Close by Pliska lounge are the duty-free and travel retail outlets SA Buy/Bye Shop, and the Bulgarian beverage shop SA Spirit of Bulgaria.

The price for a single visit invitation up to 3 hours is EUR 18 that can be paid at lounge entrance in cash (in BGN or EUR) or with a credit card.

Terminal 2, Level +1
8:00 - 23:00
+359 2 937 3552




 Virtual Tour in Pliska

You are welcome to our lounges with a visit invitation which can be purchased from the ticket sale desk
in the public area of Terminal 2, or on spot in the lounges after passing through passport and security control.
Payment is made in cash (Bulgarian Lev, or Euro) or with the following cards:

We also accept the following club cards:


Online Request

VIP Lounges

The VIP lounge is located in the western wing of Terminal 1 – Departures and has an entrance of its own, providing an access to four separate rooms– one main room and two separated rooms with about 20 seats each. The separate parking area intended to meet the needs of our VIP clients, the elegant interior and the special personal treatment of each of our visitors, including the personal escort to and from the plane, constitute a part of Sofia Airport’s compliments to the users of the VIP service – provided upon payment of the relevant fee.
Guest also have at their disposal a TV, Wi-Fi and cable internet connection, Bulgarian and international press, periodicals, as well as different types of refreshing non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks and food.

In addition to the discreet and excellent service, all mentioned characteristics of the VIP lounge make it prominent as a place with representative functions for holding press conferences or interviews upon visits of public persons or international figures.
The VIP lounge services should be booked by sending request to the official email of VIP-B :
Further information can be obtained from the following telephone numbers:
+359 2 937 2192

      +359 2 937 2193