As an airport operator SOF Connect AD identifies as its major priority the maintenance of high level of safety and security of flights, the provision of on-time flight schedule and the achievement of complete passenger satisfaction.

SOF Connect AD maintains the functionality of equipment and invests in the development of infrastructure and the implementation of new technologies

Furthermore, the airport performs a series of other supporting activities related to the provision of a wide range of products and services. Leading role is played by ground handling activities, for which SOF Connect AD holds all necessary licenses, technical equipment and certified personnel.

The ground handling activities performed in compliance with IATA standards include: passenger, baggage, cargo and mail handling services, ticket sales, aircraft cleaning services, de-icing services, aircraft balance and load control, fuelling, cargo and mail processing, including dangerous goods, live animals, valuable items and others. As a leading provider of ground handling services in Bulgaria, the company handles around 10 000 aircraft per year, which equals to 44 % market share.

SOF Connect AD provides a series of additional services related to the security of flights to risky destinations, security of transported valuable or special items, aircraft guarding on the apron and others.

The company operates the duty free and travel retail shops in both passenger terminals and manages Sofia Airport T2 Park that occupies a prominent position as an alternative cultural stage in the city public life.


Apart from the activities related to aviation and commercial services meeting the security, safety and quality requirements and satisfying the expectations of all Sofia Airport’s users, the company is engaged in a number of voluntary social initiatives.

Part of those initiatives is related to creating an atmosphere of comfort for the passengers so that they can enjoy a satisfying airport stay. For that reason Sofia Airport is often a preferred partner for hosting and promoting cultural events and initiatives of various themes and genres (exhibitions, art or interactive installations, concerts, live performances). 

The management of the capital airport undertakes voluntary initiatives to improve the living conditions and quality of life in the populated areas located in close proximity to the airport and exposed to the greatest extent to the negative impact of its operations.

Inspired by the vision that achieving good airport-neighbour relations is a prerequisite for a sustainable development, the company creates new forms and ways of promoting awareness and involvement of the nearby inhabitants in the airport activities.

As a participant in the Bulgarian civil society, Sofia Airport sympathizes and contributes to the activities of a number of NGOs and foundations committed to fighting with poliomyelitis, improving quality of life of vulnerable groups (such as children without parental care, children with special needs, elderly and sick people, single parents and others), preserving Bulgarian flora and fauna, etc. Furthermore, the company has repeatedly demonstrated its willingness to support significant social causes such as human rights or environmental protection, as well as to promote and host different events or campaigns of national or European importance.

Being certified according to ISO 14001:2004, SOF Connect AD pays particular attention to environmental protection and guarantees adequate working conditions and ethical attitude.