"Aviation School" at Sofia Airport on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of BULATSA

Sofia Airport dedicated the February edition of the "Aviation School" initiative to the 50th anniversary of the state-owned enterprise "Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority"(BULATSA). The event was opened by Asya Ivanova, Chair of the Board of Directors at Sofia Airport, Vladimir Rapondjiev, Executive Director and Ivan Dyaksov, Deputy Director General of BULATSA.

Children learned what air traffic controllers do and looked at their workplace – the airport control tower where the flights operated at the airport are controlled from.

Also, they were interested to learn how Sofia Airport operates in winter conditions. Why it is important to clean the runway and to treat aircraft with a special anti-icing liquid before take-off to ensure passenger safety.

The most interesting thing for the children was to take a look at everything they had heard about – to see the Iskar River passing under the Sofia Airport runway, to look at the fire brigade building and all other buildings and facilities that cannot be seen by everyone when travelling.

The "School Day" ended with the award of diplomas to all participants.