Sofia Airport remains open to passengers only

Due to the state of emergency declared because of COVID-19 and in order to ensure the highest level of safety, only passengerss are allowed in the terminal buildings. Entry occurs after measuring body temperature and displaying normal values. We ask passengers to comply with the recommendations of the Regional Health Inspectorate for a social distance of 1.5-2 m.

The airport is cleaned and disinfected four times a day. The inter-terminal shuttle bus, apron buses and all facilities passengers are in direct contact with are disinfected, such as luggage carts, railings, lifts, boarding gates, etc. Sanitary facilities are cleaned thoroughly and treated with disinfectants every hour.

All departing and arriving passengers undergo thermal imaging control. For safety reasons, passengers from different flights are not allowed to mix and disinfection is performed after each flight.

Various informational materials such as posters, boards and video images are displayed at visible places.

For questions regarding the degree of risk of COVID-19 in individual countries, you can visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website , as far as canceled flights are concerned, you can contact the relevant airline.